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BreezeAds PPC Ad Network Fact Sheet

BreezeAds PPC Ad Network Fact Sheet

The world wide web was big, is bigger and is going to be even biggest in the future.As it is getting bigger, it is creating new earning opportunities for entrepreneurs while new advertisement possibilities for businesses. Pay Per Click advertising is also one of those opportunities. 

If you are already a web entrepreneur (and sine you are reading this page, most probably you are) then there is no need of telling the definition of PPC Ad networks to you. There are many ad networks available today on the internet, but only some of them actually turn out to be great for advertisers and publishers both. BreezeAds is also one of those few networks. Today I am going to share it’s specifications with you:

Specifications for Advertisers

BreezeAdsis a great choice for many advertisers. It provides great advertisement opportunities to Business owners. The specs of this amazing PPC ad network (for advertisers)are being given below:

1. Total control over CPCs, daily budget and spending time.

2. No need of learning like Adwords.

3. Ads appear on high quality sites of the network.

4. Least waiting time; after we specify the details related to our campaign, it will go live within minutes. So no more waiting for the approval of ad slots.

5. 3 easy payment options – Paypal, Alertpay (Now Payza) and Bank Wire Transfer.

6. Responsible 24/7 available customer support department.

7. Simple advertisers’ dashboard.

8. Their complex algorithm is very smart in choosing websites for displaying ads. So your ads will always show up on relevant webpages only. It means more clicks, more visibility and more customers!
Specifications for Publishers

BreezeAds also turns out to be a great earning opportunity for publishers. You can make many bucks on a monthly basis using BreezeAds. Some cool specs of this ad network (for publishers) include:

1. Even smaller sites may get approved.

2. Minimum payout limit is at it’s lowest point of $10.

3 Account approval system is also fastest and accounts get approved within minutes of applying.

4. Relevancy of Ads to the content of webpage is really outstanding.

5. 90% of earned revenue is shared with publishers.

6. Higher CPCs.

7. Simplest installation scripts.

8. Lowest waiting time: Just insert the script code in the code of your website and ads will start appearing.

9. You are also free to use other advertisement networks.

10. Simplest and easily understandable publishers’ dashboard.

11. Last, but certainly not least, active and humble customer support ready to help 24/7.
Combination of such great features is rarest in all other ad networks. Most ad networks fail to provide best services either to advertisers or to publishers. But BreezeAds has done a really great job in combining all these features together. 

I must have to say that such combination is rarest.So the bottom line says that BreezeAds is a great ad network for any one whether he/she is an advertiser or a publisher. Advertisers will get the maximum ROI from this ad network while publishers will see amazing rises in their monthly earnings.

More details can be found at pay per click

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